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so yeah i’m going to be there from now on.

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*limbos under my low self esteem *

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“Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside.”
— Hugh Macleod, How To Be Creative: 13, 08-22-04 (via michaeldx4)
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USA: where if you remove a fetus from your body is murder but chasing down and shooting an unarmed teenager in the face is self defence.

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Sooo, as people might have guessed by how many things like this I reblog, I really hate working in silence/”silence”! I tend to pick up on EVERY LITTLE NOISE unless I have some sort of constant nonsense sound drowning it out. Also I live in a house where conversation carries and I haaaate hearing people talk while I work. Anyway, all this is to say that these are the kind of sites I go looking for whenever possible to write to, or to calm down to, or to fall asleep to! Some of these I’ve posted before, but I wanted to collect them altogether for my own reference/use. is one of quite a few ‘rain noise’ sites on the internet, and on this one you can set the levels! That is, you can make it rain loudly and thunder quietly, or both loudly, or go all out with a MASSIVE STORM OF DOOM or whatever. It’s really great to read to while lying in bed. You can set it to fade out after a certain period of time, too.

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